SVOX US English Michael Voice Customer Reviews:


The Best of Its Breed....

.... in the opinion of this IT, Cyber Security, Digital Systems focused Electrical Engineer. Great on my Samsung III.


Galaxy s4. I open the app it freezes then closes right away. Paid 2.99 for something I havnt been able to use once....

Awesome app to listen to my text books and other readings!

Doesn't work.

Michael's Voice trial didn't work. Paid $2.99 and that didn't work on Galaxy S4. In each case, "It stopped working." It never did work. How do I get my money back?


If i copy text into window, it only plays a small portion if copied text

Keeps crashing on male michael


I want refund

It's installed but not even showing in my settings. There's no other way of activating it


Now that I'm mute its easier to communicate publicly.

Love it

Have tried other similar software but always come back to this!;wonderful !

Better than "alien" voice but needs work

Way better than "alien" voice but still needs some work. Cannot read complex sentences smoothly and depending on speed, has trouble with some simple words like CUT and IF. But at least it doesn't hurt my ears like the "alien" voice, LOL!

Great app

I love the different Voice's.


Very helpful

The app is average

Won't speak street names even after purchase so not impressed . Voices are poor quality Please fix .

Hate it!!!!!!

force to close

app keep force closing, android 4.1.1 galaxy note 2

very similar to human

I like the voice of Michael, its really like human


This is better for me to listen too.

Does not sound robotic to me

Sounds much better than the stock Pico voice that came with my phone. For the small amount of $ spent, it is worth every penny. I guess it is just a matter of taste but I find svox much more natural sounding than Ivona.

Robotic sounding

The sample voice sounded great, this one does not.

Could not even download on motorola xyboard 10.1 complete DISASTER

good but not worth the money

better than the stock tts voice but I have to say the voices are way too expensive. Would've been much better if it was like 3 voices for $4. I think I would've sticked to the stock voice if I knew I was wasting 4 bucks.

I wish I can refund my money

Great app

I've used Grace for at least 2 years on 2 different phones and many different ROMs. Always works well. Just bought Michael for a change of pace and that works perfectly too. On ICS here.

No Support, No Refunds

I purchased both the voices and neither 1 works. I emailed the company requesting support for the install error and got no reply at all and no refund.

I can't use the voice anymore

Worked well for 2 months and suddenly it keep asking me to reinstall the application. The voice is not functional anymore. :-\

Do not buy. Will not work on htc hero. No response

These people like to take your money and then just disappear when you need there help. No response at all. Think twice before buying.


Could not get it to install properly in spite of reviewing the instructions and following repeatedly. The refund option also disappeared....I would have refunded. It kept asking me to uninstall and reinstall...worthless until they can get it to load properly without wasting my time!

Very Very Disappointed!

I also bought this app! And 2nd, 3rd time have to uninstall for it to work again! Just quits reading anything! My text messages ! : (

Great product

It gives me voice thru my phone, too bad it ain't too loud

Can NOT read Articles.. the WORST software Ever !!!

In addition to Michael negative reviews,Read the NEGATIVE comments&reviews in the SVOX Classic TTS Engine icon It can't handle reading More than handful of paragraphs !!! No article reading !! Which defeats its purpose CAUTION: try it out within 15 MIN of your purchase time, so you can get the chance to click "refund" button if u don't like it (which is a high chance you'll do), or else it will be GameOver !! This company must GO DOWN...: lousy-unresponsive customer svc + WEAK product !!


1 Star for not giving 15 min,to test. No refund! Not fair Please fix the server to download TTS engine kind of useless with out it. Or did your Company close and you forgot to tell us? Thank you.

: )

I love this its worth the money.dint wait for trial to be over because I was 100 percent satisfied with it.


Don't be fooled by their samples. I bought this voice and it sounds nothing like the sample voice, very robotic in fact. I stopped using it and switched to Ivona which is free and their voices sound very natural, much better than this svox crap.

doesn't work on galaxy nexus

Defective on Motorola charm.

High quality voice. Totally worth it.

Wrong Voice

Hi. Michael's voice is coming out as Grace on mytouch 3g. ?? it..

Awsome much better than the computor generated voices..still sounds a little like a computor but i love it


My ears no longer bleed listening to stock voice. Sounds very good.

Works Great For Me! :)

I had absolutely no problem updating from the previous version and the sound quality is excellent on my Droid X.